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Guided by TUT’s motto of “Combining Learning with Thinking” as the guideline for student counseling, the Office of Student Affairs adheres to the philosophies of “Balanced development of education in all six areas: Excellence in teaching quality; Building an institution of cultural innovation; Nurturing practical technological talent” in all its student-related operations. Insisting on “cultural creativity” as its fundamental pillar of development and propelled by the basic strategies of “practical application and innovative refinement”, the Office of Student Affairs shall strive to become a benchmark of industrial-academic cooperation for the cultural creativity sectors and a key player in relevant international exchanges with its educational approach of “ Showing care without indulging; being strict without over-demanding”.

The Office of Student Affairs is guided by five specific visions, with an emphasis on:

1. The creation of a friendly campus that is safe, healthy and cozy.

2. The cultivation of students into upright citizens with an adequate understanding of moral values and respect for the law.

3. The fulfillment of holistic education in order to help students become more mature.

4. The cultivation of positive qualities (i.e. sensitivity to others, tolerance, altruism and so forth) in students.

5. The accommodation of students’ various needs through relevant services.

Through the creation of an outstanding, friendly and student-oriented learning environment that emphasizes student autonomy, all staffs at the Office of Student Affairs shall endeavor to deliver exceptional services and care for all students in order to facilitate balanced physical and mental development for students, thereby helping them become upright citizens with the right moral and democratic values. Presently, the Office of Student Affairs consists of five sections: Living and Counseling Section, Extracurricular Activity Section, Student Health Section, Labor Education Section and the Student Counseling Center.